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Captain FAQ

✚ Rent

⌵ What type of boat can I publish on the web for rent?

We suggest publishing all types of boats (boats, speedboats, yachts, catamarans, speedboats, jet skis, etc.) as long as they are registered in the country and have the documentation required by on the web.

⌵ How do I know what price to put if I want to rent my boat? recommends carrying out a price comparison search with boats similar to the one you own and taking into consideration making the greatest detail in the description of your publication, the services it offers and including in its operating costs (crew, captain of the boat , fuel, additional services). Keep in mind that we, will assign a percentage rate to the price that the Captain assigns to your boat.

⌵ What are the prohibited items on the boat? suggests consulting our "Terms and Conditions" published on our Website, in addition to placing in the description of your boat the regulations that you consider important to avoid inconveniences in the future.

⌵ Can customers bring pets? provides complete freedom for each Captain to make the decision in their internal regulations, so we suggest that they provide a detailed description of the service they offer, regulations and extra services so that the client feels the confidence and security of a pleasant trip.

⌵ Could a boat not be suitable?

In order to provide a quality service, requests to comply with certain requirements for the provision of the service. In case of finding any inconvenience in the revision of your boat, we will contact you to be able to solve it and become part of our community.

⌵ Can I exchange my phone number with the client?

So that you can exchange with the client in a safe and reliable way, you will have access to their contact information once the rental is confirmed.

✚ Payment

⌵ When do I receive payment for a service provided? makes the bank transfer to the registered account by the captain and verified by with a maximum time of three business days after the provision of the service. Looking for the client to provide the service and there are no disagreements prior to the deposit of the money.

If you have more days on hold, you can contact us at 

⌵ What rates are included for each boat that I publish on the web? has established that two rates are handled. The user and Captain will be able to observe on the platform the percentage corresponding to the Value Added Tax (V.A.T.) of 16%. Additionally, in the Captain´s profile, he himself will be able to observe the percentage that the platform established as a commission for the service provided, observing a higher cost than the one stablished when he created the publication in the profile.

⌵ What happens if a customer requests a bill?

All customers who require an invoice can request it by sending an email to however, it should be noted that in compliance with tax regulations, they must make the request before the end of each month. The owner of the boat must not issue invoices to the client, only to for the service offered.

✚ Objection

⌵ What happens if the client does not arrive at the agreed time to enjoy the rented service?

Automatically the duration time begins to run on the day and time the service was contracted, so we suggest reminding the client when receiving it on the ship, despite the fact that we indicate it to the client and it is established in our policies.

⌵ What happens if a client forgets some belongings on the boat?

We suggest that before leaving the boat, the client reminds him to verify that he has all his belongings with him, otherwise we suggest using means of communication where can follow up in order to provide a good service, be transparent and follow up on the case.

✚ Sinister

⌵ What should be done in case of problems? In case of an accident during a service?

Any inconvenience that is generated must be declared within the following 24 hours after the rented service through in order to reschedule the service if it cannot be performed.

✚ Cancellation and/or modification

⌵ Can I cancel a paid service?

It depends on the reason for your cancellation and the conditions established by the owner in your ad. We suggest reviewing our "Cancellation and Refund Policies" in addition to our "Terms and Conditions".

✚ Insurance

⌵ Is it necessary to insure the boats?

If all the boats that are published on the platform are covered by insurance and comply with the regulations required in the country to offer the service, otherwise the publication will be inactive on the platform.

✚ Account

⌵ Does charge any commission for publishing on the Website?

No, does not charge any commission for publishing your boats. However, there is a percentage rate established by for the use of the platform and it is included in the amount that the user observes in the publication.

⌵ How to become a Captain?

Through our platform register after having read and accepted our "Terms and Conditions" and "Privacy Policies". will verify your data and then you can add your vessel with the required documentation to be evaluated and activate your publication where you can start obtaining contracts to provide your service.

⌵ How do I create a free ad?

The creation of the ads is free, for greater security the rental of boats will be carried out with a captain included.

If you want to create an advertisement, click on the "Become a Captain" button in the top center of our website. And you can register to then be able to create your ad (title, description, rates, photos, etc.), define your rates and the parameters of your ad in general.

⌵ What suggestion do you think I should include in my publication? suggests preparing the bilingual publication (Spanish/English) in order to fully cover the national and international market. Providing users with alternatives to rent the service.

Also place relevant information about its regulations regardless of those established by on the Website.

⌵ I can't see my ad, why isn't it showing up?

Once you have created the ad on the platform, fill in all the registration fields and your email is validated. has a period of 24 hours for the ad to appear online among the search results.

If you have completed all the information mentioned above, and your ad is still not online, you can contact us by email 

⌵ I forgot my password? My account was blocked, what should I do?

In case you forget your password, you can reset it by clicking on the "login" button and then on "Forgot password?".

You just need to enter the email address and when you request to restore it, you will receive an email with a link to define a new password. We recommend checking your spam folder if you don't receive it in your main folder.

If your account has been blocked, you can contact us by email 

⌵ I don't want to continue on, how do I unsubscribe?

We are very sorry that you are leaving our platform, however, we would like your support by completing the "Solicitud de Baja para Capitanes"; requesting to unsubscribe and sharing your reasons for improving our service.

✚ Community

⌵ How to join the community?

You can join the community by registering on our Website and you can also follow us on our social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and TikTok) to find out the latest news about our products and promotions.

⌵ I have doubts despite having read the frequently asked questions?

You can contact us at and we will gladly give you more attention.