✚ Rent

⌵ What does a boat rental include?

The rental service will be carried out only as described in the description of the publication and the additional prices that you have selected before making the payment.

⌵ How to know which is the ideal boat that I should rent?

It will depend on the client's needs (birthdays, fishing, family outing, among others), number of passengers and desired amenities. You can locate in the description, detailed information to make an appropriate selection.

⌵ Can I have direct contact with the owner of the boat before renting it?

Marinero.mx provides the confidentiality of the data stored on the platform, however, once the rental service is finished, those involved will be provided with the necessary information to maintain communication.

⌵ Can I bring my pet?

Marinero.mx provides complete freedom for each Captain to make the decision in his internal regulations and we suggest that you provide a detailed description in the publication about the service offered, regulations and extra services in order to clarify the doubts of each user.

⌵ What should I bring on my trip?

Before boarding the boat you must show your identification to register and validate your rental with your contract. We suggest you bring sunscreen and your camera to keep memories of your adventure.

⌵ What are the prohibited items on the ship?

We suggest consulting the description of the additional vessel in our Terms and Conditions published on our Website.

⌵ Can I exchange my phone number with the Captain?

Through our platform, both the client and the Captain will have access to their contact information once the rental of the service has been confirmed.

✚ Payment

⌵ When should I pay for the boat rental service?

At the time of making the selection of the boat, date and time, you must make the payment for the total cost of the service. The money remains in the safekeeping of marinero.mx until the service is provided.

⌵ What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept payments by electronic means (debit card, credit card)

⌵ Is it mandatory to tip?

The tip is optional, if you want to give it to the crew of the boat you can do it without inconveniences.

⌵ Can the owner of the boat make me a bill?

I can not. The owner of the boat should not issue bills to the client who rented a service, because only marinero.mx should issue the bill to the client, to request it you must contact us through facturacion@marinero.mx  however, it is worth clarifying that in compliance with tax regulations, the request must be made before the end of each month.

⌵ Is it reliable to pay through marinero.mx?

All payments made through https://marinero.mx/ are completely secure. Our Website and our application are encrypted in order not to store user or bank data. Marinero.mx is an intermediary between the client and the owner of the boat, safeguarding the money in order to provide a quality service and safety.

✚ Objection

⌵ What happens if the conditions in which the boat is found are not the published?

You can contact us by email aclaraciones@marinero.mx providing us with additional information (photographs, videos, day and date of service, name of the vessel, etc.) to carry out the investigation, marinero.mx promotes the use of our values ​​at all times.

⌵ What happens if I forget something on the boat?

We suggest that before leaving the ship you check that you have all your belongings, otherwise contact the ship's captain. In order to provide a good service and that marinero.mx can monitor it.

⌵ What should be done in case of problems? In case of an accident during my rental?

Any inconvenience that is generated must be declared within 24 hours after contracting the service as a maximum time through aclaraciones@marinero.mx 

✚ Cancellation and/or modification

⌵ What happens if I want to extend the service for more hours?

If you require any change of duration, we suggest you send us an email to aclaraciones@marinero.mx and it will be subject to confirmation by the Captain and the available itinerary of the boat.

⌵ Can I cancel a paid service?

It depends on the reason for your cancellation and the conditions established by the owner in your ad. We suggest reviewing our Cancellation and Refund Policies in addition to our Terms and Conditions

✚ Evaluations

⌵ When can I assess the contracted service?

Once you enjoy your service, marinero.mx greatly appreciates the time spent providing feedback on your experience. In order to provide feedback and continue to improve the service.

✚ Insurance

⌵ Are the boats insured?

Yes, all the boats that are published on the platform are covered by insurance and comply with the regulations required in the country to offer the service.

✚ Account

⌵ I forgot my password? My account was blocked, what should I do?

In case you forget your password, you can reset it by clicking on the "sign in" button and then on "Forgot password?". You just need to enter the email address and when you request to restore it, you will receive an email with a link to define a new password. We recommend checking your spam folder if you don't receive it in your main folder.

If your account has been blocked, you can contact us by email aclaraciones@marinero.mx 

⌵ I don't want to continue on marinero.mx. How do I unsubscribe?

We are very sorry that you are leaving our platform, however, we would like your support by completing the Solicitud de baja para clientes, requesting to cancel your subscription and sharing your reasons to improve our service.

✚ Community

⌵ How to join the marinero.mx community?

You can join the community by registering on our Website and you can also follow us on our social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and y TikTok) to find out the latest news about our products and promotions.

⌵ I have doubts despite having read the frequently asked questions?

You can contact us at hello@marinero.mx  with your concern and we will gladly provide you with more attention.